Who We Are

Hi fellow superhero fans!

Thank you so much for checking out our event. As people who've attended cons of all sizes in various locations, we feel we're equipped to bring you what we hope to be a fulfilling experience for attendees and everyone involved; a fan convention with your favorite superheroes from TV and Film!

Our team comes with years of experience in customer service and management fields. Our founders, Clara Delgado and Julio Peña III hold Master of Public Administration degrees with specializations in non-profit & human resources management, respectively. Our operations coordinator Diana Gutman currently works in the business management and marketing field providing high quality support to clientele. Lastly, our programming coordinator and social media maven Jessica Morales has a strong background in communication and education. 

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Julio P., - Co-Owner & Co-Chair - Wholeo_9

Clara D., Co-Owner & Co-Chair - GQMFacacia

Diane G., Operations Coordinator - TooBadDiane

Jessica M., Programming Coordinator - Athena606